Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!


Buan Masil Festival

Pristine nature and human sensibility harmonize in the festival. Residents and visitors communicate and unify in the festival. Once you visit, you will want to come again to the cultural and tourism festival. Tradition, the present and the future harmonize in the future-oriented festival.

Held in Buan with the pristine natural environment created by mountains, rocks and waters in abundance, Buan Masil Festival aims to share its generous minds, represented by the word Masil, with neighbors through a wide range of programs of its own culture, tradition and natural environment.

Buan welcomes you to the festival where nature and people harmonize to bring back beautiful memories and create interesting stories.

Buan Masil Festival, the 21st century festival of sensibility, will stimulate your mind and emotions in complex and resounding ways.

I hope you will come to the festival and share your heartfelt and happy memories with your loved ones while enjoying the festival programs.

부안마실축제 포스터
Festival Background
  • Promote participation of citizens and visitors in the festival.
  • Promote cultural and tourism resources to improve the county’s image as a tourist destination.
  • Promote exchange between cities and rural areas and facilitate local economy through the sale of eco-friendly local products
  • Take a leap forward to become a government-designated promising festival through the branding of new tourism products.
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