For Buan
New Think, New Challenge

I'll open up a door for new future

Nice to meet you. I am Kweon Ig-hyeon, the mayor of Buan.

Buan is one of largest resort city, where have beautiful national park such as Byunsan Peninsula national park, national geological park and develop Saemangeum land for leisure in earnest.

Especially, Buan is an area heading to the world. In Buan, 2023 World Jamboree Competition will be held. Jamboree will attract more than 50,000 scouts around the world.

We will draw in the future of the county. More tourist visit, More companies move in, More income of town increase and More people become want to live in Buan.

To the future, to the world! I promise to do my best in the hope of a lively Buan county. And I will put my heart and soul into building Buan a people-centered community.

We ask all of you to join us to create energetic, completely new Buan County