Buan, the city of vitality and passion,
dynamically advancing toward the future and the world.

Buan, the place of passion enhancing the adventure and challenging spirit.
Buan is proud of its magnificent nature and landscape embracing the mountains, fields and the sea.

Buan is the place to feel a variety of pleasures all year round, including the beautiful scenery of Byeonsanbando National Park spreading along the coast, Jikso Falls, the marvelous view hidden deep in the mountains, Naesosa Temple and Gaeamsa Temple on the hillside of the mountain, and the Jeokbyeokgang River and the Chaeseokgang River, presenting a superb sunset glow on the West Sea that is beyond comparison.

In the nature of Buan with mountains, fields and the sea, enjoy a wide range of festivals, including the Buan Masil Festival, the Sunset Festival, and the Beach Festival. Feel the literature of the poets Shin Seok-jeong and Yi Mae-chang representing Buan, the hometown of literature, and experience Korean traditional Goryeo Inlaid Celadon made in the Buan region.

We gladly invite you to Buan, the global city of recreation and tourism with a vibrant history and culture, including festivals and events for all people in the world, as well as astonishing nature and landscapes, a wide range of cultural, agricultural, and fishery heritage.

Kweon Ig-Hyeon
Mayor of Buan