In the southwestern part of Jeonbuk State, Buan-gun stretches along Byeonsanbando and faces the West Sea to the west—there are Wido Island, Sikdo Island, Jeonggeumdo Island, Georyundo Island, Sangwangdeungdo Island, Hawangdeungdo Island, and many uninhabited islands, which belong to Wido-myeon. It borders Jeongeup-si to the east, Gimje-si to the north by the Dongjingang River Estuary, and Gochang-gun to the south by Gomsoman Bay.

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Office Address Distance between Edges

Size Distance from Provincial Office
East-West South-North Overland Railroad
91 Dangsan-ro, Buan-eup, Buan-gun 78.5km 25.2km 493.35km2 44.2km 56.6km

Land Area and Administrative Division

  • South Korea / JEONBUK STATE : 99,646㎢/8,055㎢
  • Buan-gun: 493.35㎢
  • South Korea/Jeonbuk Percentage: 0.49%/6.1%
1Eup 12Myeon 99Legal Ri 514Administrative Ri (Maeul) 789Ban
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