Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!
      During Samhan period, It is assumed that Buan County belonged to
    Jiban(支半國) among the 54 Mahan(馬韓) statelets.
      Around the 4 century, by Baekje' southern conquest, Jiban(支半國)
    and its nearby statelets surrendered to Baekje
      In Baekje period, Buan region situated important spot in political,
    military, maritime aspects. There was Jukmakdong maritime rites and
    Juryuseong was start point of Baekje rivival movement after Baekje
    was destroyed.
      In administrative aspects, This region separated by two town, Gye-
    wha(皆火) and Heunrayngmae(欣良買), and whole region belonged to Jungbanggosaseong(中方古沙城)
      In AD 757(16th year of King Kyung-deok), after Silla unified the
    Three Kingdoms, Gyehwa-hyeon(皆火縣) was renamed to Buryeong-
    hyeon(扶寧懸) or Gyebal(械發), Heunryangmae-hyeon(欣良買縣) was
    renamed to Huian-hyeon(喜安縣) and Buryeong-hyeon and Huian-
    hyeon was part of Gobu(古阜)
      In Goryeo period, Huian-hyeon(喜安縣) was renamed to Boan-hyeon(保安顯), Buryeong-hyeon(扶寧縣) was used without change and as a nickname, Heuian-hyeon was called Nangju(浪州), Buan-hyeon was
    called Bupung(扶風).
      Boan-hyeon(保安顯) and Buryeong-hyeon(扶寧縣) were under the
    control of Gobu-bu(古阜府). But In King Yejong era, provincial officer,
    called Gammu(監務), was appointed. In King U(son of King Gongmin)
    era, provincial officer Gammu(監務) was appointed to Buryeong-
    hyeon(扶寧縣), Boan-hyeon(保安顯) separately and which rule
    maintained until Joseon(朝鮮) dynasty
      Between 1414(14th year of King Taejong) and 1416(16th year of
    King Taejong), After provincial office system revised, Merging and
    Separation was repeated between Buryeong-hyeon and Boan-hyeon. Finally, In 1416, Merged to Buan-hyeon, which made Bu(扶) from
    Bureong(扶寧), An(安) from Boan(保安).
      In succeeding year, Heungdeok-jin(興德鎭) closed, annexed to Buan,
    renamed Buan-jin(扶安鎭) and Its governor be also judge as a Byeong
    -masa. In 1423(3th year of King Sejong), governer’s name changed to
    Cheomjeoljesa and changed again to Hyeongam. In 1895(32th year
    of King Gojong), Bu, Mok, Gun, Hyeon in all part of country changed
    to Gun(郡), so this region called Buan-gun(扶安郡).
      In 1914, under Japanese control, while administartive distinct revise,
    Wido(蝟島) island was annexed to Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do
    and Biando island was annexed to Gunsan-si. Alternatively Three re-
    gion in Gobu-gun Baeksan(白山), Geoma(巨麻), Deongnim(德林)
    were annexed to Buan-gun.
      In 1943, Buryeong-myeon elevated to Buan-eup and Buan have 1
    eup, 9 myeon.
      In 1963, According to the adjustment of the administrative distinct, Wido-myeon(island) in Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do was annexed to Buan-gun.
      In 1978, After Gyehwado(界火島) reclamation works finished, The
    area of 3,968ha was expanded. In 1983, Jinseo-myeon(鎭西面) was
    separated from Sannae-myeon(山內面) and Gyewha-myeon(界火面), Gyewha-myeon(界火面) was newly formed. Modern administrative dis
    -tinct is 1 eup, 12 myeon and region is 492.73㎢ (farm 42%, woods
    42%, etc 16%).
      Our town, Buan-gun(county) is located at 126 degrees 40 minutes
    east longitude and 40 degrees north latitude. It is located on West of
    Jeollbuk-do, borders Gunsan-si with the sea, Gimje-si to the north-
    east, Jeongeup-si to the southeast and Gochang-gun to the south.
    Coastline was, from Dongjin River estuary to the Upo-ri, Julpo-myeon, 99km long. But now, Saemangeum seawall has constructed so the
    coastline of 66km is in contact with the sea.
      The terrain is a peninsula that is low on the east and high on the
    west, and outcropping on the Yellow sea. In the southwestern, The
    mountains, call Byeonsan, are layered, and The northeastern region
    has a wide and fertile plain.
      These topographical effects and the influence of the northwest mon
    -soon have a climatic characteristic that is snowy in winter.
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