SNS Buan Promotion Video
Aerial Drone Video over Naesosa Temple
The Sculpture Park of Keumkuwon
Julpo Bay Tidal Flat Ecological Park
Mohang Beach
Seokjeong Literary Museum

SNS Buan Promotion Video


BUAN Festivals of Buan

The 7th Buan Masil Festival

An everyday trip into Buan in May

1st week of May 2020


The 13th Gomso Jeotgal Fermentation Festival

Feel the taste and warmth of Gomso, the hometown for fermented foods!.

September – October 2020


The 4th Gaeam-dong Cherry Blossom Festival

At April, the height of the springtime, visit Gaeam-dong to celebrate the ephemeral picture of cherry blossoms.

April 2020

#Buan in 계절

솔섬노을 - 가을(영문)
Fall Sights in Buan


Autumn, the gray sky and the red sunset.
feel autumn in Buan
전어구이 - 가을(영문)
Fall Foods in Buan

Grilled gizzard

a rich autumn season
when the five-grain fruit ripens.