Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!

Buan Dried Laver

A healthy nature of the western sea

The Byeonsan peninsula abounding with organic matters and tidal flats due to its well-developed continental shelf well equipped with the geographical location of its adjoining coastal areas is an optimum site for lavers(seaweed) to grow. Our lavers processed by strictly screened quality raw materials having plenty of natural smell and taste after collecting them at the Byeonsan inshore of the clean west coast guarantees a superior natural gealth food to other food products from anywhere in the country. The included in such lavers make intestinal activiry smooth, dilute toxic components, help reproduce beneficial germs inside the intestines and also help vitamin synthesis.

Buan Salted Mackerel with Mulberry Leaves

Change of mackerel is going on.

Buan mackerel preserved in mulberry leaves is a vacuum-packed product to hold its unique fish smell. Mackeral, which is a synonym for blue-back fish, is dipped in extracts from mulberry leaves during the process of salt maturation to enhance its function. It is a nutritive food for those from children to seniors.

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