Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!

Buan Sauces

Sangseo soy bean paste Produced as the way our ancestors did.

With natural salt and natural rock water from 153meters underground, it is manufactured like the way our ancestors did from long time ago. It is rich in protein and adds unique flavor and taste to dishes.

Traditional bamboo salt paste sauce
  • It is a best quality bean paste product with natural advantage which was manufactured through the process of long natural fermenta-tion in traditional potteries. It was made of domestic beans produced in clean and mountainous area of Byeonsan Peninsula and Sambo bamboo salt and natural rock water that are manufac-tured by the master of bamboo salt, intangible heritage No.23.
Fermented soybeans pills
  • After domestic natural ingredients and domestic beans are fermented, black beans, sea tangles, Chaga mushroom, wild berries and wild parsley are added to the fermented ingredients and made in to pills for a convenient intake at homes.
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Buan Gomso Salted Seafood

Buan, Mecca of fermented seafoods!
Characteristics of Gomso Jeotgal
  • Only fresh sea ingredients caught in well-preserved Gomso Bay clean sea fields are strictly selected and used for salted seafoods.
  • Gomso salt that insisted only natural salt for more than half century is used.
  • It is naturally fermented in the valley wind of Byeonsan Peninsula and sunset glow of West Sea.
  • It is rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. Its savory taste is just excellent and not that salty.
Produce Items
  • Liquid salted seafoods-liquid salted sand lance, liquid salted anchovies, liquid salted hair tail viscera
  • Seasoned salted seafoods-salted roe of a pollack, salted roe of the Alaska pollack, salted squid, salted short-necked clam, salted oyster with hot pepper, salted grills, salted hair tail viscera, salted turban shell, seasoned blue crab.
  • Ordinary salted seafoods-salted shrimps, salted anchovies, salted hair tails, salted large? eyed herrings, salted, salted small octopus, salted yellow corvina, salted clams
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Marinated Crab

Perfect for your appetite, original rice mate.

Crabs are low in fat and high in protein, so it is easily digested and delicious. In addition, they are rich in essential amino acid that they are the most nutrutious food for growing children and the old the weak. Uncontaminated sea off Buan is famous for blue crabs' distribution center, and marinated grab is best when it is made with hen crab full of roe in June.

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