Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!

Buan Cinema Theme Park

Buan Cinema Theme Park which is located in Grykpo-port area is a drama set exclusive for historical drama, looking like old-time Seoul back in Josun Dynasty. On as wide as about 150,000m² of spot, Gyungbok Place was build in folk village through thotough historical evidence and tile village, village of ordinary people, street of market, pasture, pond, castle were also build, attracting much attention as a shooting spot for TV dramas and film.

Once indoor studio, various convenient, recreational facilities and accommodation are established in the future, it can be more popular as a comprehensive cine complex. Buan is good to be called as a mecca of film as there are many shooting spots around, In Gyukpo-port and Goong-port, there is Jeolla-jwasuyoung(the naval headquarter of the left part of Jeolla Province), which was once used as a drama set for 'Immortal General Lee, Soon Shin'. In 'Sulbul Mountain Cinema Park' in Chungho-ri, there is Samdosugun Tongjeyoung(Lord Admiral of Three Provincial Navies)and Waegwan Street. Reed bush in Wupo Ecological Park which was a shooting sopot for "Lovers in Praha" is also emerging as a new tourist attraction.

 Buan Cinema Theme Park photo

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