Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!

Buan-gun county brand 『Nature-made Treasure, Buan』

Buan-gun county brand 『Nature-made Treasure, Buan』image

  • Referring to Buan, the place full of nature-made treasures in its mountains, fields and oceans.
  • Represents Buan, which boasts a pristine natural environment, clean and abundant local products and valuable cultural relics.
  • The design materializes Buan, the nature-made treasure.
  • The design materializes Buan, the hometown of celadon, used by royal families in the palace in the past. It takes into consideration the celadon itself and the linguistic aspect of the word ‘Bizun’ (meaning ‘making a pottery by hand’).
  • The design is based on the lines of the quarry machine, which represents the nature-made treasures.

Meanings of Colors

  • ymbolizing clear sky and
  • clean waters in Buan
  • Green mountains and
  • dense forest in Buan
  • Rich soil and
  • golden fields in Buan
  • Beautiful sunset glow in Buan and
  • luxurious jewelry.
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