Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!

Spirit of Buan

Spirit of Buan

  • Background color(white) : The color white represents Buan's pureness and calmness.
  • Arc(Red) : The color red represents the beautiful sunset, tradition, cooperation, and hope of Buan, and also tourism, which is the center of Buan's future.
  • Blue : The color blue represents Buan's clean and clear oceans.
  • Green : Represents a nature-friendly image, and also represents Buan's bountiful mountains and fields.
  • Navy Blue : Buan's vigorous movement toward a bright future.

02. Tree of Buan -
Maidengair Tree

tree of Buan : Maidengair Tree

The strong life and graceful
image of the maidenhair tree
represents Buan's infinte
potential and possibility for

03. Flower of Buan -
Royal azalea

flower of Buan : Royal azalea

The royal azalea easily adapts to
new environments and is very
fertile, representing the
energetic spirit and prosperity of
the county people.

04. Bird of Buan - Dove

bird of Buan : Dove

The dove represents the peace
and cooperation alive in the
county, where the people are
warm and friedly.

05. Insect of Buan – Silkworm

Insect of Buan – Silkworm

The silkworm symbolizes the
growth engine of Buan-gun,
providing various products
including mulberry and silk.

06. Fish of Buan –
Iksookimia pulmila

Fish of Buan – Iksookimia pulmila

Foundonly in Baekcheon Stream,
Buan-gun, Iksookimia pumila
symbolizes the pride and dignity
the people have in clean nature.

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