Healing Mecca in the west sea, Buan!


Byeonsan Peninsula is in the southwestern part of Jellabuk-do. The west side of the county borders the Yellow sea. The east side borders Jeongeup City and the north side borders Gimjae City with the mouth of the Dongjingang River as the border. The south side touches Gochang County with the Gomso Bay
as the border. To the west there is the Yellow Sea, and several islands that are part of Widomyun: Wido, Sikdo, Jeonggeumdo, Georyundo, Sangwangdeungdo, Hawanndungdo.

Location Location, Location of the County, Latitude, length between the edges, Area, Location of provincial government in table
Location of the County Latitude length between the edges Area Location of provincial government
longitude latitude east-west north-south Road Railroad
Buan County
Dangsan-ro 91
126 degrees 45 minutes 35 degrees 45 minutes 78.5㎞ 25.2㎞ 493.35㎢ 44.2㎞ 56.6㎞


Area Area, South Korea, Jeollabuk-do, Buan County, Percentage in table
South Korea Jeollabuk-do Buan County Percentage
Total Jeollabuk-do
99,646㎢ 8,055㎢ 493.35㎢ 0.49% 6.1%

Administrative Area

[Administrative district]

Administrative Area Administrative Area, Eup, Myeon, Legal-ri, dministrative-ri (towns), Ban in table
Eup Myeon Legal-ri Administrative-ri (towns) Ban
1 12 99 517 1,137
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