Prosperous people, Praiseworthy Buan

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Prosperous People, Praiseworthy Buan

Tour courses

  • Jikso Falls
    • This area is surrounded by the most famous peaks of Byeonsan, such as Oknyeobong, Seoninbong, and Sangseonbong. The scenery of this area seems as if four seasons have come together simultaneously, thanks to the strange mountain peaks,..

  • Byeonsan Beach
    • Byeonsan Beach can be found by driving 24 km from Buan in the direction of Gyeokpo. This beach was opened in 1930. The sand is soft and the water temperature is nice. The water is not too deep, and is fit for family tourists. Couples whisper...

Native Local Foods

This product is a special food of Buan, which is located at the center of the west coast. It was served to the king during the Joseon Dynasty.




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